Thursday, April 24, 2014

1979 Kawasaki KZ650SR For Sale

I am reluctantly selling my 1979 KZ650 SR. It has 29331 miles on the clock. I bought it in October 2012 from a trusted co-worker who bought it from the original owner whom I also knew. When I bought it, it had 21612 miles. It's current condition is partially dis-assembled and not running, but here's the rundown on that. After enjoying it as a daily driver for a year, doing regular maintenance and upgrades (more on that later), it developed a carburation issue, along with some engine noise. It started running on only three cylinders at idle and partial throttle but came on song at higher throttle openings, hence the carb issue. The engine noise , as best I could tell, emminated from the rear of the cylinders (cam chain adjuster?), was intermittent, like when I let off the throttle or when at idle with a blip of the throttle. The pitch of the noise did not change with engine rpm. The bike sat through the winter due to lack of repair funds. When I was ready to spend some money on it, I rode it over to Action Kawasaki (they did all of the previous work on it) and, to my surprise, the engine hit on all 4 cylinders from idle on.
I described the issues to the service writer. I wanted them to rebuild the cards because of a float issue with #3 carb and see what the noise was about. They proceeded to diagnose the problems and gave me an estimate. It was very high, in part because I think they didn't really want to take the time to hunt for parts and such. They took the bank of carbs off and removed the cam cover.
So, I think a person with the proper tools and know-how could get the bike in good shape and running again.
Here's a list of maintenance and parts I have put on the bike:
22111 miles new rear tire
23000 miles new front tire, oil and filter change
26904 mi new rear brake pads
27000 mi new halogen headlight
27110 mi new brake light switch, clutch cable, tach cable
27650 mi tune-up, new plugs, air filter, oil change, chain and sprockets (The previous owner installed electronic ignition (pointless)
27989 mi installed Hagon shocks and new battery
The fuel tank is not original, replacement was painted and installed by the person I bought the bike from.
Disclosure -
Besides the above issues, the #3 carb leaked gas from its overflow, assuming a stuck float. I installed a block valve in the fuel supply line and used it like a on/off petcock.
After topping off the tank and riding for about 50 miles, the bike would starve for fuel and quit running. I suspected a non-venting gas cap issue and sliced the gasket to provide an air gap. Problem solved.
Upon working on the bike, Action Kawasaki discovered a cross-threaded spark plug @ #3 cylinder.
The bike has a clear Texas title.
Besides these minor issues, the bike ran great from the moment I bought it. It never left me stranded on the road, does not smoke and gets about 36 mpg. All lights and gauges work.
Considering the good overall shape of the bike and list of recently replaced parts, I am asking $2400, but will consider offers.
Please contact me via text 972 310 9816 or email @
The bike is located in a storage unit near White Rock Lake in Dallas TX.

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