Monday, February 8, 2010

Category 5 Hurricane WhoDat Makes Landfall in Miami

The cone of un-certainty was narrowed at 5:25 pm cst last evening as Hurricane WhoDat bore down on Sun Life Stadium and the Indianapolis Colts. Feeder bands of rain began early and it seemed the storm would be down-graded, especially when the Saints Offensive levee was breached, and the Brees shifted. But the winds kicked up a record amount of debris which swirled thru the uprights from a long way away as the storm surge signaled the fast-approaching black and gold eyewall. Even the calm eye brought on some rockin and rollin as the storm re-grouped. The storm's winds change of direction and un-predictability turned the tide on the Colts, who seemed to have evacuated the area. The brunt of WhoDat was evident as flying debris was picked-off, and the Colts suffered a power outage. A huge flood of joyful emotion surrounded the storm but a depression occurred in other areas.
Not even Nash Roberts could have predicted the aftermath of Hurricane WhoDat, as the Saints fans joined the contraflow back to New Orleans, after the best Super Bowl in history.