Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Before and After

My Grandfather was the consummate New Orleanian. His career as a riverboat pilot led him to be the pilot/tourguide on the modern day Natchez Steamboat, which plys the Mississippi River in the Crescent City. Captain "Red" Manson would regale the tourists from Thedford, Nebraska of his exploits and life on the River. He loved it.

He also loved his food; good, rich New Orleans cooking. One thing he liked to do was to prepare a still life scene of boiled crawfish on a platter with a Dixie beer poured into a tall glass, all foamy and golden, and take a photo of it. After the crawfish were reduced to heads and entrails, and the beer drank down with gusto, he would take another shot. The aftermath of the most enjoyable of Southern Louisiana traditions.

I was reminded of this scene when I was visiting in the City a few weeks ago. When in my hometown, I like to repair to the New Orleans Cigar Factory for a smoke and a drink. Thus this take on my Grandfather's legacy.



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