Monday, December 17, 2007

Pleasure in an Un-Likely Place

I purchased some items from leather artisan James Brooks who owns Bike Leather, a company that specializes in leathercraft of the highest order. I first saw his work displayed on a SyCip bicycle at NAHBS 07. It was a Kuuru Side Pouch (above). I also wanted this Work Belt that I thought was cool albeit the most expensive belt I've ever owned.
It's this belt I want to talk about. I expected it to be a very nicely-executed piece using high-grade cowhide and solid hardware - finely-crafted if course. And it would hold my pants up.
What I didn't expect was the feeling of quaility when I un-buckle it. The simple act of un-buckling brings forth a plethera of joy and the feeling of luxury, if only for a few seconds. I guess it's the way the leather feels and sounds when I pull the end and loosen the prong. The squeak of leather and the mechanical sound of the roller on the stainless steel (!) buckle and a whiff of leather smell is quit heady. Goodness gracious!
Its like the feeling you get when you press a high-precision button or toggle switch on, say, a high-end turntable. Or pick up a quaility, well-balanced steak knife.
It just has good hand-feel.
Its akin to what Charlie Trotter once said about washing dishes. He likes the way clean dishes smell.
Its a pleasure in an un-likely place. And I experience it every time I pee.

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